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Thursday classes…..Come ready to represent Team USA with your stars and stripes! We are looking into getting USA v. Germany up in the studio for the noon class! Who plans on attending? If we have a good amount of people we are going to make some modifications to the workout and incorporate a Game tailored off of the Cup. Please post your interest, otherwise rock your spirit in the morning classes or evening! GOOOOOO USA!

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Get ready for this Saturday’s Burpee Throwdown! Class will be doing a similar workout. We will have the top 4 men and top 4 women throwing down for a pair of Reebok Nanos. Final will take place during 10am class. I will be posting the top 8 women and men Thursday. The list will be posted/updated this Friday evening. Your burpees for Friday must be completed by 7pm to factor into the count. Please check facebook that evening. Hoping everyone will participate and join cheering the final heat!

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Upcoming competition folks! This is going to be a great event! Let’s put up some Rx’d and Scaled Teams. Who is interested? Registration is up and spots are limited. Check out details below:

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Hey DC Crossfit Community, The proposed 5.75% sales tax on fitness hits the Crossfit community harder than any other fitness community with members rates increasing by as much $12-$15 per month. We’ve made it seamless to have your communities voice their opposition. Please forward this link to oppose this effective rate increase! Crossfit Foggy Bottom CrossFit DC Crossfit Glover Park CrossFit MPH District Crossfit CrossFit Anywhere Christy Adkins CrossFit

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“Why I like lifting heavy shit”- What’s your perspective? I like the way my muscles look. All joking aside, when you’re a woman and have above average sized biceps (or even just visible biceps), people notice. Not everyone thinks they are beautiful, but to me, a well built physique represents the daily dedication and hard work you’ve put in. It’s proof of your training. It’s also not permanent. you can’t hold onto it without constantly working. Obviously it’s not all about looks. I can go on all day about how crossfit and my strength program has changed my life in regards to body image and training with a focus on performance. But to keep this short: I love muscles. Give me all the gainz. -Megan Gallagher

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Head’s up for this weekend: Michael Lorenzen will not be here this Sunday to hold the Gymnastics Class. Sunday will be a great day for an active recovery day soo plan accordingly with this week’s training. Take advantage of going outside to bike, hike, or go for a light run! Whitney will be teaching yoga in the morning from 11am-12pm at Balance Gym-Thomas Circle. Coordinate with one another!

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Nicky Hoberman makes a statement at the Mid-Atlantic Regionals this past weekend finishing 6th place! We are lucky to have such an amazing coach and athlete representing us this past weekend! Incredible work Nicky!

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Recovery and Training! Most of us who are regularly CrossFitting step into our workouts with the excitement to increase your performance, push yourself alongside one another, and ultimately improve your fitness. However, many of us overlook that what we do outside the gym is just as important. We need to recover to improve our fitness and for those of us competing regularly and increasing our training volume, this becomes even more important. A couple things and people to consider when it comes to accomplishing this: 1.)Chiropractor. Find someone you can work with consistently who has an understanding of your goals and body and someone you feel comfortable with. I am a big fan of trying out different methods and approaches when it comes to soft tissue work whether it is through adjustments, ART, massage, and dry needling. Many of the chiropractors I’ve worked with have different approaches and over the years I’ve worked consistently with Dr. Bills. Special thanks to Jen Davis who I have been seeing over the past two months. She not only does adjustments, soft tissue work, but also is certified to do dry needling. This has been very effective with addressing some chronic issues with my shoulder. For more information about her practice email her Additionally, Airrosti Rehab is excellent! They have a different approach in terms of approaching recovery. I’ve worked with them in the past and had great results! They were such a great support at Regionals! They had a huge crew working on all athletes. It’s because of them that my shoulders are feeling awesome two days after Regionals. For more information on their approach check out their site at 2.)Functional movement screening. Karen Bonney is a physical therapist at Balance Gym. She is a great resource and her practice is set up at the Thomas Circle location. In terms of starting any training program, a functional movement screening provides us with a more in depth assessment of any structural muscle imbalances that exist. This is particularly important when it comes to training with functional movements and being more attentive to any other assistance work to integrate in your training to further progress and reduce injury. 3.) Mobilize and Stretch! Either find a friend before or after class to foam roll and get after it with a lacrosse ball or other drills or attend a Balance Gym mobility class (every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30pm- 6:00pm) or attend a Balance Gym yoga class. 4.) Active Recovery Day- We all need to be attentive to when we deserve a rest day! Don’t try to do 5 days of CrossFit workouts back to back! If you feel the need to come to the gym, then choose to do a light bike/row/run to flush out your muscles and some mobility/stretching. 5.) Refresh yourself mentality- Make yourself hungry to train and give yourself a mental break from the gym. Get outside of the gym. Treat yourself to a spa day at CF Foggy Bottom/Fairmont Hotel. My go-to is hitting up the steam room and hot tub then topping it off with a Paleo Meal (pre-order when you check in at the gym). Bring a friend and get after it with some ping pong too! Also, as the weather gets nicer some of my other active things to do are the following: Billy Goat Trail, bike around Hains Point, pool workout (20-30 minutes of light swimming) at the East Potomac Pool (located at Hains Point). The pool is now open on weekends from 12pm-6pm and will be open during the week starting June 23rd.

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Reflecting on Regionals and a Shout out to CF Balance and CrossFit community! What makes competing as an Individual CrossFitter unique from other sports? It’s the community and feeling of still being part of a team. This is what I felt over this past weekend both from the Crowd in the stadium, competitors during the event, and most importantly the interactions I had in the Athlete’s area both during warm-ups and after events. Over the past five years, I have made everlasting friendships from CrossFit events. Similar to your daily training at the box, these competitions are a bonding experience among athletes, coaches, and other supportive Crossfitters. Whether it was watching competitors come together to coach and support you through the last reps, or chatting and congratulating one another on your efforts in Athletes corner, to a last pep talk from Lisa Mealy, Craig Williams, and Nicky Hoberman prior to the last event- what a supportive group! Shout out to the Mid-Atlantic women! I can’t wait to connect with everyone at upcoming competitions! Special congrats to Christy Adkins and Gretchen Kittelberger for qualifying for the Games! I’ve connected with both these women over the years both in and out of the gym and they always continue to impress and inspire me in my training. Christy has been an amazing friend over the years and that woman has heart whether it is in her fight to the last rep and to impacting everyone around her as a friend! What a remarkable finish in the last event! Huge shout out and congrats to Nicky Hoberman both a friend and fellow CrossFit Balance coach who placed 6th in the Region, Craig Williams who competed for his first time in Regionals finishing 13th place, Lisa Mealy both a friend and tremendous support during training and the Open and finishing 1st place in two events, and Adam Blaney owner of CF Salisbury who put on a great showing and was a great training partner! Thanks to everyone in the Balance Gym community who encouraged me to train my hardest this past year including Angela Cole (Tic Tac) for video-taping and pushing me in my workouts. It is coaching you all in your daily workouts and seeing your efforts and success that helps me to train my hardest! I really appreciated all your wishes prior to Regionals and for those of you who came out to cheer me on (Pablo, Emily, Laura who I heard yelling at me to get back on the rings in the 3rd Event) thanks soo much! This year in particular was a very special experience to go through with Craig Williams who I can’t even begin to explain how his attitude and support has had such a profound impact on me. My number one supporter was my mom and my dad who over the years continues to ask me daily about my training and always encourage me to pursue what I am passionate about! Any sort of self- doubt I have my mom is always confident in me and keeps me grounded! Thanks to the CrossFit Salisbury crew for hosting me on weekends to train and for your support as well! You all are a remarkable community! Cheers to another Regionals and ready to get after it for next year! -Danielle

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CF Balance Shirts are in! Pick up your shirts at the CF Balance front desk! Everyone, for a few exceptions who I have contacted, has been charged. Please pick up your pre-ordered size as we do not have extras. If there is a demand, we will do another order soon!

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Note to all, we are closed for the 4th of July. Have a beer.

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Just a reminder of the Holiday weekend schedule! Classes on the 4th are at 6 and 9 AM only and no classes Saturday! Have a great 4th of July weekend everyone!!

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20140703 What a great Thursday everyone! Way to put in the extra effort on this warm day. Just a reminder that tomorrow is our 2nd Anniversary WOD, BBQ and Fireworks as well as this Nation's Independence day. Everyone is welcome starting at 4pm, we'll be working out at 6 (for those of us so inclined and then it is time to bbq and watch the fireworks!! Don't forget to invite friends and family. For those members of our Fearghal Family who will be out of town celebrating be safe. Skill Hang Clean 3-3-3-3-3 WOD Partner Row 3000m

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REMINDER: tomorrow's schedule is as follows: 6:00am 9:00am 12:00pm 5:00pm Happy Early 4th of July!

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Nice work 9am crew!

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4 days past her due date! Come on baby Hazel...we want to meet you!!!

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While coaching box squats, booty comp was in the midst of a hellacious set of cyclist squats. Different squats for different folks!

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AMRAP in 18 minutes: 5 Wall Walks 10 Muscle Snatches 75/45 15 Toes 2 Bar 20 Double Unders

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**CLOSED SATURDAY** It appears most people will be out of town this weekend enjoying the holiday weekend and the fact that we will be getting our Fourth of July WOD on Friday night we will be closed this Saturday. We hope you all enjoy your weekend and wish this great country a Happy Birthday!

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Shoulder Press @ 20X1 tempo Rest 3 minutes between sets For the shoulder press, perform the following reps and percentages: * Set 1 – 50% of possible 1-RM x 3 reps * Set 2 – 75% of possible 1-RM x 2 reps * Set 3 – 85% of possible 1-RM x 1 rep * Set 4 …

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Week 4 Thrusday

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Coming soon! Bring a friend and let's get ready for some football!!!

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T. Rice Conditioning Test

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The Ghost 6R For Reps of: 1 min max cal Row 1 min max Burpees 1 min max Double Unders 1 min Rest Do not game this workout, complete as many reps of each exercise as possible. Score is the completed number of reps for each exercise, posted as cal...

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vikki Iverson!!!! 29 looks good on you girl!!!! ;-)

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Check out the pain faces, the tires, the farmer carry...

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week5 wod4

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WOD- Thursday, July 3 SKILL OF THE MONTH: MUSCLE-UP Weekly Homework: do this before class, after class, or at open gym to improve your muscle ups! Week 7/1-7/6/14 1. Swing Hip to Rings 3×8 2. Ring Supports 3×8 3. Ring Rows 3×10 4. False Grip Hang 2x …

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Thursday is a Recovery Day!

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Thursday 7/3/2014 WOD

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Announcements Fourth of July schedule! Friday - 8:30 AM and 11:30 AM Saturday - 8:15 AM, 9:30 Burn, 12:00 PM Main - Mobility with Roskopf Guest Mobilizer this evening! This guy knows how to have a good time! View Public Whiteboard: Metcon (No Measure) Expect some smashing, rolling, twisting, turning, laughing, crying and overall goodness happening to your crusty tissues!

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7/3/14 Come in, work on a skill! Make up a WOD.

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Mobility Thursday night. July 3rd. 6:30pm - guest/substitute mobilizer! This guy's gonna tear you apart! Have a blast gang! RWR.

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Lots of snatches tomorrow #crossfit #snatch #fit #fitness #exercise #lift #wod #pr #crossfitgirls @mjett74

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Working on our base. #crossfit #rowing #fit #fitness #wod #lift #exercise @mmaclean01

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Welcome some new faces :-) great job tonight Courtney, John and Megan!!!

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Thursday: WarmUp Run or Row 400m 1 Len BearCrawl 1 Len CrabWalk 3 Rounds 7 HollowRock 7 SupermanRock 1) ForTime 4 Rounds 5 HSPU 100m ShuttleRun Rest 3:00 4 Rounds 15 MedBallSitUp 15 BackExt (on floor, a superman) Rest 3:00 4 Rounds 15 WallBall 20/14# 15 BoxJump 24/20" Cool Roll Remember we are closed Friday and Saturday. See you tomorrow and Sunday at 3:00pm.

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Great work at the track tonight....tough session

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