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CF Balance Endurance Group page to everyone who hasn’t visited! This is Brandon Petelin’s group and its a great resource! All 3 CF Balance weekly workouts are posted here (also on the CF Balance Endurance blog and shared on Facebook too). If you are not a member, check it out below:

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MARK THE DATE AND EMAIL TO RESERVE A SPOT! CrossFit Balance Running Clinic- Led by our Endurance Coach, Brandon Petelin When: Wednesday, October 12th at 6-7pm- TC Rooftop at Thomas Circle What: Introduction of form/efficiency through relevant drills. Discussion to be adapted to group in a Question/Answer forum (encompassing programming, benefits of endurance training, and nutrition, and racing) *CF Balance members and limited to 20 people. Email to reserve your spot.

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Get ready for Week 3 of the CF Balance League. We will be holding at Thomas Circle. The first workout kicks off at 1pm! Be ready to warm-up and be briefed at 12:50! Bring friends! If the weather isn’t nice, we will all hang for some spike ball afterwards in the studio! A bit about Caroline Larson’s (representing “Let’s Talk about Flex Baby”) thoughts on the CF Balance League below: 1. What movements are you hoping to see this week? A relay style ski erg combined with overhead squats 2. If you guys got to pick one CrossFit Games athlete to join your team, who would you pick? Dan Bailey…I have a crush on him! 3. How would you guys celebrate if you won the league? Fun stuff…booze and dancing :) 4. What is your ideal celebration meal? I am a sucker for great Italian food 5. What have you guys enjoyed most so far? I have really enjoyed it…I realize that I am more competitive than I care to admit during class so this competition has been good for me to get back in competition-mode.

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The Reebok CrossFit Games 2016 began this week with both Teens/Masters kicking off on Tuesday and Individuals competing both yesterday and today. You should definitely take some time over the weekend to catch up on some of the events! It’s been remarkable to see this sport evolve and for athletes to develop! Seeing the best athletes from around the world tackle these events is incredible, inspiring, and motivating in our training! As stated by Ben Bergeron, Owner of CF New England in an interview on Why watch the Games… “The people who want to watch other off-stream sports are the ones that also participate in them. Everyone can work out. This is just working out. So what they’re doing is taking what you do in the gym and putting a score to it. And because of that everyone can relate to what these guys are doing. They’re just doing it at a world class level, but that’s what the most appealing part is. The fact that it is the best of the best doing what you do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the gym is super appealing and super inspiring.” Best of luck to friends of Balance including Christy Adkins, Kim Rogers, and 12 Labours! Great starts to the weekend!

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REMINDER TO BRAINSTORM- REGISTRATION WILL START IN A MONTH…. The CrossFit Balance League promotes a fun four week competition among all three CF Balance affiliates. Each weekend a CF Balance affiliate will host two workouts from 1-3pm. We will offer both a Rx’d and Scaled division. Teams may be anywhere from 4-6 members (mixed gender). Thomas Circle may register 4 for each division and Foggy Bottom and Glover may register up to 2 for each division. Not everyone has to participate each weekend. The workouts will be programmed for up to 4 people. Start brainstorming folks! It’s coming….. 9/10- CF Glover Park 9/17- CF Foggy Bottom 9/24- Superfit- off week- 10/1- CF Balance-Thomas Circle 10/8- Final- location TBA

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Work hard and play harder. Jim Royce, a dedicated CrossFitter, commuting to work and prepared for this evening’s workout- weight vest in hand! Happy First Day of Summer and let this be a workout to remember!

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As if there wasn’t enough going on this weekend to get your fitness on….. INTRODUCING SUNDAY FUNDAY WORKOUTS THIS WEEKEND! Class is at 10am! Plan on getting your workout in! Mark your schedule!

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GET READY TO ROCK SATURDAY’S WORKOUT! Pre-Murph Party! We will be posting some details soon about Memorial Day “Murph” and the post BBQ. If you haven’t done Murph, the workout consists of the following: 1 mile Run/100 Pull-ups/200 Push-ups/300 Air Squats/1 mile Run If you partition the movements aside from the run it is similar to “Cindy.” Today, we will be doing a small dose, but going hard! Here are some inspiring words by John Gilson from Again Faster that I’ve shared on a recent facebook post and want to leave with you again before this workout: “I want to see the elevation of running in the CrossFit Community (and not the endurance kind). Toward that end, some advice for athletes: Run those 400s like you mean it. It’s not a rest between barbell movements. Know that your max mile time tells me more about your fitness than your max snatch. Show (the fuck) up for running workouts. Don’t stay home because there’s a track workout on the board. Your actions here are a comment on your character and your understanding of the CrossFit methodology. Sprint 100s. Sprint 200s. Go faster, not longer. The most impressive primal human feat is rapid locomotion. Usain Bolt should be your hero. Finally, four words to remember: Run. Faster. Get. Fitter.” 25 minute AMRAP: 400m Run 3 rounds of Cindy: 5 Pull-ups/10 Push-ups/15 Air Squats Post total sets/reps to comments (A set is a run and 3 rounds of cindy)

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Listening to @julietstarrett absolutely crush moderating duties at the Box Pro Summit in Atlanta. Honored to be here with these top gym owners. #tjsgyms #tjsgym #bpleadershipsummit #shesgood @mobilitywod @box_pro_mag

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Nowadays it’s important to have good eyesight. Whether you drive a car, participate in sports, or...
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Thursday 10.27.16 Overhead Complex From Rack: 3 Sets: 1 BTN Snatch Grip Push Press 2 Heaving Snatch Balance 3 OHS ___________________________ Snatch Complex: 3 Sets: 3 Three Position Snatch Grip Deadlifts (1 rep = Floor to Below Knee, Floor To Above Knee, Floor to High Hang) 2 Snatches ___________________________ 4 Rounds 5 Power Snatch, 95/65 3/3 Overhead Lunge 7 Burpee Over the Bar Rx+: 115/75

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cake delivery in Gurgaon same day
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What is a “Cluster” and why do we program them?

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New box. New design on the @fitaid all kinds of PRs. #DoTheHardThingna

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Supple Ones! Destiffify™ (that’s totally a word) your junky lats & tris Video ➞ - (pro subscribers)

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You can #jump for joy and #shootforthestars at the same time. Sometimes they come in the form of #burpees #8am #CrossFit #developyourself #Liftstrongandprosper #cfnbfam

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Thanks to our generous #tjsrodeo product sponsor @allprosci for providing the awesome products for our podium athletes (pre-workout, protein, and post-workout)! We carry their delicious grass-fed protein and recovery at all 3 #tjsgym locations, because we love their products. Pro-tip: kids love the flavor of the protein, and you can throw handfuls of spinach in smoothies! Bonus: Coach @zoeelyse5 looking catalog-ready in this shot taken by Coach @laplantfitness. #winning #community #testyourfitness #fitnessforeveryone #tjsgyms #allproscience #recover #protein

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Greg Crane @gwiz77 competed in his 6th #tjsrodeo. Creeping up the rankings and always learning from the challenge. Congrats on year six, Greg! #tjsgym #tjsgyms #testyourfitness #community #fitnessforeveryone #helluvaDJ

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Cassie #barmuscleup #alisocrossfit

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Joe #alisocrossfit

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On your next trip to the grocery store try to stick to the outer perimeter of the store.

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Wednesday: "Frannie” 21-15-9 reps Thrusters 95#/65#/45#/35# Pull Ups Rest 5 minutes 50-40-30-20-10 reps Single jumps 150-120-90-60-30 reps Double Unders Sit ups

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Workout of the Day: Wednesday, October 26th

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WOD: 10/25/16 1. Every 1 min for 20 mins, alternating between: 15/12 Row (calories)s 10 Burpees Run, 200 m 50 Double Unders 2. ROM WOD (15 MINS) 3. 3 rounds for time of: Run, 200 m 30 GHD Sit-ups 4. CASH OUT: For Time: Single Hanging L-Sit for as long as you can.

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Tuesday, Oct. 25th WOD: A. Skill work: knees to elbows B. 3 RFT: 10 strict knees to elbows 10 power snatch 155/105 10 strict knees to elbows 10 burpees

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HANG SNATCH: 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 then EMOM for 10 min of: even min: 5 Back Squats odd min: 1 rope climb then AMRAP in 12 min of: 5 Muscle-ups or 10 Pull-ups & 5 dips) 10 (5/5) Kettlebell Snatches (53/35) 200 m Run

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"FILTHY FIFTY" For Time: 50 Box Jumps (24"/18") 50 Jumping Pull-ups 50 Kettlebell Swings - American (53/35) 50 Walking Lunges 50 Knees-to-elbows 50 Push Press (45/33) 50 Back Extensions 50 Wall Ball (20/14) 50 Burpees 50 Double-unders

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A good warm up is crucial to a good workout! We're warming our posterior chain to get ready to find our 1 rep max Deadlift Then: E3MOTM 10 S2OH (155/105) 15 Burpees 20 T2B #vaultcrossfit #banditnation #stretch #warmup #posteriorchain #deadlift #strong #fitfriends #fitfam #emom #hardwork

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Big thanks to all of the ladies that joined us on Friday night at our Women's Only night! More photos coming soon. photo by Estrella Chacón Photography

simonhopes published the post Reasons Women Choose Breast Reduction Surgery on
While every person is different, for some women, having naturally large breasts can negatively...
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Today's video was inspired by a recent piece written by Rob Wilson. Although we've been speaking into this for years here at the gym sometimes it just takes a colleague to make you take a sit and go, "What he said..." Thank you Rob for your incredible article, ability to communicate, and helping the rest of us level up our consciousness as it relates to working out. [ 52 more words ]

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Monday, October 24 -

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WOD for Monday 10/24: Warm Up: 3 Rds/10 reps ea: Squats, Ring Rows, Sit Ups, Push Ups - Then Power Clean Drills w/ a Bar (5 each): Fr Squat, Dip-Shrug, Muscle Clean, HPC, Pwr Clean, Bk Sq, Goodmornings Mobility : 2x10 X-Band Walks each direction Strength - Back Squats: 5@75%, 3 @85%, 1+ @95%. Work up to 75%. Based on 90% of 1RM Metcon - 9 min AMRAP 1 Power Clean (135/95) (155/105) 1 Front Squat 1 S20H *Add one rep to all each round Accessory: 50-100 Banded Leg Curls and 3 x 10 Abs with plate switch

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All the winners of the 2016 Trident Open. Congrats guys!! Great lifting by everybody. See you all Feb 11-12 for the Trident Classic!

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Women’s Novice Session Results 1. Stephanie Whitmore- Northwest Iron 2. Laramie Eckerdt- Waypoint CrossFit 3. Kylie Cason- Foundation 4. Jilda Lamb- Northwest Iron 5. Amber Jensen- Kitsap CrossFit 6. Hanna Benkart- CrossFit RE 7. Holly Gorman- Northwest Iron 8. Alissa Wood- Northwest Iron 9. Ramona Ramirez- East Coast Gold 10. Melissa Waud- Calpians 11. Alison Jeffers- Waypoint CrossFit 12. Jess Kimball- Trident 13. Shaundra Johnson- Trident 14. Chelsea McCauley- Northwest Iron 15. Krist Frost- Northwest Iron 16. Angela Cannon 17. Brianna Sweet- Waypoint CrossFit 18. Shana Menlove- CrossFit ThunderRidge 19. Lisa Green- Level 4 CropssFit 20. Alina Dziembowski- East Coast Gold 21. Jessica Ferguson- Industrious 22. Jessi Cox- Waypoint CrossFit 23. Kathleen Groth- East Coast Gold Men’s Novice Session Results 1. Ryan Crisostomo 2. Michael Hirsch- CrossFit NXNW 3. Tim Shield 4. Andrew Bueno- Foundation 5. Travis Muraoka- Trident 6. Seamus Hanley- 360 Barbell 7. Craig Orwin- Dungeon Fitness 8. Rocco Settonni 9. Jon Acevedo- Trident 10. Kris Trimble- Victory City CrossFit 11. Ryan Miller- Victory City CrossFit 12. James Daws- Bayonet Barbell 13. Richard Barnes- Trident 14. Tosh McAfee- Trident 15. Ben Stoebner- Sasquatch 16. Kelley Milligan- Town 17. Thaddeus- PR Weightlifting 18. Zach Kilcer- Level 4 19. Duc Luong- Calpians 20. Zachary Wright- Trident 21. William Narvaez III- Trident 22. Layton Randahl- Trident 23. Joshua Mullins- 360 Barbell

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Oh whaaaaat! Ann-Marie takes 3rd Place at the Trident Classic! #foundationbarbell

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Congratulations to all of our athletes who competed today at the Trident Open!

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Mobility with Matt this morning! Learning how to open up our hips, release the hammys, and strengthen the feet! #solutionssportsrehab

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Mobility with Matt today! Matt is out in-house rehab therapist that works with Dr. Drew. He gave us some great exercises to do for opening up the hips and strengthening the feet. #crossfitpuyallup #cfpmobility #mobilitywithmatt @solutionssportsrehab

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“He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.” —Louisa May Alcott

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Waypoint ladies were rocking their colors this morning. How about you??? Remember to wear your gear all weekend for additional entries in our contest.

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Saturday 10-22-2016 Class Times: 8:45am Olympic Lifting (Angela), 10am WOD (Micki) WOD: "Dirty Thirty" 30 Box Jumps (24/20) 30 Jumping Pull-Ups 30 KBS (35/26) 30 Lunges 30 Knees-to-Elbows 30 Push Press (45/35) 30 Hip Extensions 30 Wall Balls (20/14) 30 Burpees 30 Double-Unders

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Reliving Battle Series WOD 15.1 15 min running clock 3min max effort bar facing burpees 12min find 1rm C&J

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Happy Friday, #CFX! Have a great weekend and join us tomorrow morning at 8:30am for a fun Saturday WOD!

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Great morning so far doing Lil' Bear. Who's joining us tonight???

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Great idea!

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Saturday: 9:00am CF 101/201 only 10:00am WBBC *no 11:30 am, join us at 9am. and be sure to join us for our Halloween Bash this Sunday at 4:00pm.

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We are family... Thank you #crossfit #crossfitanacortes #sweatangels #wod #funnight #family #friends #solid #awesome #love #fitness #health #anacortes #home

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19oct2016 #crossfit #crossfitanacortes #sweatangels #wod #funnight #family #friends #solid #awesome #love #fitness #health #anacortes #home #snatch #cj #doubleunders #wallball #rough #fun

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We all had to take first steps...but now we're expert learners! We're growing as individuals, as coaches and as a community! Come be apart of the learning! If you come try us out on Saturday (9AM) and sign up, we'll knock 10% off your first month's membership!

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1) EMOM7 1 PowerClean + 3 PushPress 2) 5 Rounds ForTime 5 HSPU 5 Thruster 135# 5 K2E 5 KBS 32/24 kg 5 PullUp

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packers and movers in gurgaon @